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JOH.TECH INDUSTRIES is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of engineered timber roof trusses and roof joists. With a manufacture plant in Botswana /Francistown. JOH.TECH INDUSTRIES is 100% local owned company under the directorship of (Joe S. Valela).

Our company applies the latest technical standards to deliver the highest quality timber frame solutions, on time and at competitive prices.


JOH.TECH INDUSTRIES was established in the year 2017, purposely to manufacture timber and light steel trusses to all sorts of building structure. EG, residential houses, school buildings, warehouses and any related buildings.


Prefabricating software is the major component of our business operations, which was identified and procured from International Truss System in South Africa. The software offers the best design engineered prefabricated truss, with minimal wastage . The software is called( ROOFCON).

The software package licensed to us by international truss system has quality assurance compliance with SABS ISO 9001. The software calculates all factors in the truss including : timber to be used ,gang nails, labor cost.

Joh-Tech Industries Services

High quality services offered for construction industries

Presenting our best services of this year, top notch work with quick turn around period of working as starts

8-1,2mm galvanized light steel trusses

Our company applies the latest technical standards...

Truss Manufactures

Concrete roof tiles

Our company applies the latest technical standards...

Truss Manufactures

S5, S7 graded timber trusses.

Our company applies the latest technical standards...

Truss Manufactures

TRI-plates (gang nails)

Our company applies the latest technical standards...

Truss Manufactures
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The cheapest and best solution ever. When I engaged Joh Tech Industries to roof my...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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01.How can we start a project?

Send us the house plan, we will design your specific quotation according to your building specifications.

02.When to consult for our services?

At any time customers can consult with us. either by phone call or by online through our website or facebook.

03.Is there any Free Consultancy Available?

Yes our consultation is very FREE.

04.Any way we can architect our company?

We have specialists on stand by to assist you at any time.!

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